Speedway Racing Bodies

About Our Truck Bodies

Speedway Racing Bodies built the world's first fiberglass short track race truck body in 1996. Today, we continue to build the best truck bodies. We cover all major manufacturers with the widest variety of large and small trucks. Race teams choose Speedway Racing Bodies' trucks because of our long history of excellence and our commitment to the stock appearing design of our bodies. Speedway Racing Bodies' bodies are manufactured from fiberglass and specially formulated flexible resin to help them withstand the fierceness of aggressive racing. Read below to learn more about how racers use our bodies.

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Watch as the experts from Truck-U build their race truck using a Speedway fiberglass truck body.

Circle Track Race Truck Bodies

In the world of everyday bumper to bumper, side by side racing, Speedway Racing Bodies' flexible fiberglass truck bodies maintain their shape and appearance better than metal racing bodies. We make fiberglass bodies in molds we created using stock trucks, giving the body the true design and feature lines that metal bodies are unable to replicate. Watch your competitors break their necks when you blow by them in your new Speedway Racing Bodies truck. Click here to view our Circle Track Truck Bodies and Measurement Guide


Monster Truck Bodies

Speedway Racing Bodies’ Monster Trucks are available in regular wheelbase and with box side extensions for elongated wheelbases. Our materials retain a shape memory that helps your truck look good after the occasional rollover. Because we make bodies in a piece by piece format, damaged parts are easily replaceable. Click here to view our Monster Truck Bodies and Measurement Guide


Arena, Off-Road & Mud Truck Bodies

Speedway Racing Bodies' truck bodies are perfect for Arena and Off-road events. Our flexible fiberglass bodies withstand the jarring you're sure to encounter. Speedway Racing Bodies' fiberglass bodies are: super lightweight; available with box side extensions to increase the length of your wheelbase if desired; slipperier than metal bodies to shed heavy mud clumps more quickly; and easily modified for wheel opening size changes. Click here to view our Arena, Off-Road & Mud Truck Bodies and Measurement Guide


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